Montel Williams

An Advocate Of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care.

montel_williams.jpg His Story.

Migraines Gone For Good.

Started seeing Dr. Vince early October 2009 with severe Migranes and neck pain (3 - 4 times a week) Had previously seen other chiropractors on a regular basis with no results.

After seeing Dr. Vince approximately one week later headaches and neck pain was completely gone and with very little follow up care pain has not returned.

-Phoebe Dryden  

Fibromyalgia Fixed.      

Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 15 years ago (Oct 1995) Jane Geray saw countless Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, MD's with no results until finding Dr. Fitzpatrick (Sep 2002) Completely reversed Physical Condition. Patient referred all friends and family couldn't be happier to get her life back.

-Jane Geray  

Surgery Avoided, Stunt Man Back To Work.

Movie Stunt man re injured in 2008 after seeing several neurosurgeons in L.A. and Spokane WA. Both recommended patient get C5, C6, C7 surgically fused patient denied surgery put confidence in Dr. Fitzpatrick after 8 months of repeat treatment Steve is back to work and stable.

-Steve Geray

Sports Injury, Two Hour Recovery.

High-School student member of the CVHS Golf Team suffered a neck injury when aggressively trying to improve long distance shots. Returned from Driving Range was unable turn head and open eyes with severe light sensitivity was brought in by his father who was currently seeing Dr. Fitzpatrick. After standard NUCCA x-rays and two painless adjustments patient was feeling fine and back to the range.

-Nick Petrilli 

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